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From an email… 0

From an email…

Allison, Happy one-month anniversary of our first email! Love you, M Is that all it’s been? Seriously? Wow — that hardly seems possible.

Grateful 1


Since I’m not in the mood to blog any of the deeper topics I’ve had in mind (work and worth, parenting and punishment as examples), I’m going to blatantly steal from a post by...



I was wrong. Mine is more attractive. No kidding. I’ll keep the one I’ve got, and FOX can keep RSL. (I’m finally watching the first House episode of season 3 from my DVR.)

The Story 3

The Story

If you haven’t wandered over to Maya’s place lately, I told a semi-condensed version of the story (you know, the whole marriage thing) over there yesterday.

A touch of voyeurism 9

A touch of voyeurism

(phone call this evening) Him: So, should we have a theme for this wedding? Me: Hmmm…well, there could be James Bond; that’s nice and elegant. But, would that make me Pussy Galore? Him: How...

Meant to Be 0

Meant to Be

Keep reading for a moment or two before you retchingly assume I’m about to spew saccharine. First things first, between returning to Effexor in mid-July and having a severe loss of appetite related to...

Home again, home again 11

Home again, home again

Jiggety-jig and all that jazz. I didn’t finally leave Santa Fe until this morning, and it was torture to do so. You’d think that after five days of nearly 24/7 time with someone, you’d...

Outta Here 2

Outta Here

We’re off for a few days while I take my boy-dog to his breeder down in southern Arizona. It’s a sad trip, but we’ll get to see family and friends along the way, so...

My eyes did not deceive me. 1

My eyes did not deceive me.

I talked to him again this evening, and at some point, I asked if he’d ever watched “House.” No, he hadn’t…but now that I mention it, his housemate tells him that he looks like...